European Strategy : ERL/PERLE

The European Strategy for Particle Physics Update (ESPPU) has recognised the Accelerator R&D has one of the main objective for the next five years. In particular the ESPPU commented that:

The particle physics community should ramp up its R&D effort focused on advanced accelerator technologies.
and that
The European particle physics community must intensify accelerator R&D and sustain it with adequate resources. A roadmap should prioritise the technology, taking into account synergies with international partners and other communities such as photon and neutron sources, fusion energy and industry. Deliverables for this decade should be defined in a timely fashion and coordinated among CERN and national laboratories and institutes.

The ESPPU identified five key areas where an intensification of R&D is required to meet scientific goals:

  1. Further development of high-field superconducting magnet technology.
  2. Advanced technologies for superconducting and normal-conducting radio frequency (RF) accelerating structures.
  3. Development and exploitation of laser/plasma acceleration techniques.
  4. Studies and development towards future bright muon beams and muon colliders.
  5. Advancement and exploitation of energy-recovery linear accelerator technology.

The European Laboratory Directors Group (LDG) was mandated by CERN Council in 2021 to oversee the development of an Accelerator R&D Roadmap Five panels have been created steered by the Group of the Director of the Large European Laboratory in order to define the Accelerator Roadmap in agreement with the ESPP recomandation. A long document have been produced, submitted and approuved by the CERN Council. The document can be found (here)