PERLE is a compact three-pass ERL project based on SRF technology, being as a new generation machine targeting the 10 MW beam power regime. Apart from the experiments it could host thanks to its beam characteristics, PERLE will serve as a hub for the validation and exploration of a broad range of accelerator phenomena in an unexplored operational power regime serving for the development of ERL technology for future energy and intensity frontier machines.

While the concept and promise of ERL’s has been kick-started by demonstration machines based on existing accelerator technology, PERLE is meant to be the first machine designed from the ground up to use fully optimised ERL-specific designs and hardware. To attend this goal, an international collaboration is formed around the project, involving today CERN, JLAB, STFC-Daresbury, University of Liverpool, BINP-Novosibirsk, Cornell University and IJCLab- CNRS. All of them are leading laboratories on accelerator physics with experience of ERL development for some. IJCLab is leading the collaborative effort towards the realization of the project.